Prepotatrice con sistema di frantumazione e raccolta

In collaboration with Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna department of agricultural and food sciences, laboratory of Agricultural Mechanic, we present the last project of Pre-pruner with mulching and collection system, that won the prize: Technical Innovation 2018 and Blue Award 2018 at EIMA 2018.

The project consist in a super versatile unit that allows pruning, crushing and collection of sarments in a single step. This allows a series of advantages, which can be summarized in four points:
1) Possibility to collect for energy purposes the woody biomass.
2) The specifications (dimensions and humidity) of the mulched material are suitable for a possible pelletisation, thus maximising the benefits of a short
energy supply chain that allows the use of pellets in common boilers for domestic heating or in company burners.
3) Removal from the vineyard of woody biomass that could increase the diffusion of cryptogams (escoriosis, etc.), rottennessand pests (bark beetles etc.).
4) Reduction of intervention times thanks to the execution, in a single step of three operations: pruning, shredding and collection.