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In Rinieri, we produce an extensive range of vineyard equipments for working and managing vineyards: machinery for mechanical inter-row weeding, sucker removers, grass mowing wheels and weed control in the rows, inter-row soil cultivation, trimmers, leaf removers, or winter pruning machines.

Our machinery specifically for work in the vineyard is suitable for all the various layouts of existing vineyards.
Rinieri's agricultural models and equipment can meet all inter-row tillage needs on all types of terrain, whether flat or hilly, with vineyard equipments to help you manage your vineyard in all seasons and conditions.

vineyard equipments

Tailored vineyard equipments for both small set-ups and large-scale contractors with mechanical, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic solutions, both single and double, to attach to the front or rear of the tractor.


A better and more sustainable management of under-row soil involves mechanical weeding as an alternative to chemical weeding. A working method that is equally effective but at the same time less dangerous for the soil and the plant, which respects the environment and enriches the biodiversity of the vineyard.

Thanks to Rinieri machines, it is possible to adopt this more efficient and environmentally sustainable technique, which includes operations such as low-cut grassing, which limits soil compaction and erosion, tamping and clod removal. Operations that are among the techniques adopted in organic farming.

mechanical weeding as an alternative to chemical weeding


We have been producing inter-row machinery for over 40 years with more than 15 models in the catalogue with different types of work: power harrows, tillers, blades, ploughs, sucker removers, disc mowers.
Rinieri tool carriers, thanks to the possibility of mounting a range of tools on the frame, allow a series of operations to be carried out, from soil preparation to weed control, from suckering to vegetable mulching.

Among our top models for inter-row weeding control are the Bio-Dynamic line, in the standard model the working unit consists of: the Bio-disc, (rollhacke) a toothed disc that breaks up the soil near the plants and the Bio-Star (fingerhacke) a rubber star with finger weeders designed for fast mechanical inter-row weeding and complete cleaning of the under-row.

The Turbo Evo line, on the other hand, is the complete tool carrier that can mount 8 different working heads, is available in single and double versions, equipped with an electro-hydraulic unit on a front or rear mounted frame, and can be used for all working needs between the rows thanks to the different tools that can be mounted and the wide choice of options available: weeder blade, weeding kit with plough and disc, discs, power harrows, mini shredder, suckering header, mower wheels, Bio-Disc rollhacke and Bio-Star fingerhacke.

The wide range of customisation possibilities makes it the right solution for all types of inter-row work. The most complete and versatile inter-row tool carrier that can be used all year round without operational limits, adapting to all types of vineyards.


As the plants grow, but before the grapes have matured, you need to trimmer the row, the main purpose of which is to limit the size of the shoots and the controlled development of the foliage. This favours the circulation of air and the penetration of light inside, with positive effects on both the ripening of the grapes and the control of the main fungal diseases.

Rinieri's trimmers, built in more than 20 models, are suitable for all types of planting and soil conditions and differ in 2 cutting systems: double toothed bars or bars with rotating knives.

Single and double trimmers are available, with various bar geometries and also double row or tunnel models. The frames on which they are mounted are: the ECO frame, the simplest with fewer adjustments, ideal for plants on the flat; the TOWER frame with a very strong central column; the VISION frame with a lowered structure for greater front visibility, also suitable for plants with side slopes.

The range of vineyard canopy management equipment is completed by the leaf removers or deleafers that remove leaves in the vineyard production area and the sucker removers to eliminate the new shoots that form along the stem of the vines. Equipment that helps to achieve positive results on ripening, health and grape quality.

As well as pre-pruning machines that help with winter pruning in vineyards with spurred cordon or guyot training systems.



Mechanical mowing sees shredders as agricultural machinery suitable for fast and effective soil maintenance, also used for shredding vine shoots and vineyard prunings, with the right focus on environmental sustainability.

Acting mechanically on grass and shrubs, cutting and finely shredding unwanted vegetation and distributing the shredded plant material on the ground, it performs a functional action for the health of the plant itself and the biology of the soil.

At Rinieri we produce various models of shredders, from the light ones indicated mainly for cutting grass between rows and also for shredding prunings, to the medium and heavy models, which are more performing solutions and suitable for those who also want to shred larger branches. Some with the possibility of applying optional extras to carry out additional work and save time: mowing wheel (single or double), sucker remover (single or double), sweeper.


In addition, Rinieri agricultural machines perform all inter-row tillage and soil management operations.

Tine cultivator or disc harrow allow complete tillage between rows in a single pass, with effective penetration even in tough, strong soils.

Disc cultivators work the soil in depth and level it out.

Subsoil areator cut and lift the soil, breaking up the soles caused by previous tillage and natural compaction. And they thus allow the soil to be aerated.

As well as fertiliser buryers to deliver nutrient material directly into the soil and deep into it. And to mechanical cultivators, machines designed to move the soil above ground and achieve optimum refinement.