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Rinieri offers professional solutions for the maintenance of greenery along roads, highways, cycle paths, ditches and embankments or the management and care of parks and forests.

There are various techniques for taking care of road surfaces, from mowing grass to trimming shrubs and branches. In addition, if trees are present, it is necessary to intervene with aerial pruning and ensure that the resulting material is properly disposed of or moved. Specialised road maintenance machines make it possible to avoid dangerous improvisations while maintaining high levels of safety.


Rinieri manufactures numerous equipment for the maintenance, cleaning and management of public green areas and roadsides:

  • hydraulic reach mowers for maintenance and care of green areas on roads and highways, in embankments, banks of watercourses, and in rural areas;
  • reach mowers for maintenance and care of roadside greenery in the presence of barriers, bollards, trees, etc;
  • verge mowers with side-shift for maintenance and care of green areas on roads, embankments, banks of watercourses and in field areas;
  • grass mowers or shredders also with collector tank for cutting grass in parks or public gardens;
  • forestry shredders for cleaning and cutting forest areas and undergrowth;
  • hedge trimmers or loppers for maintenance work on hedges and roadside trees, roadside verges and the borders of city parks, field areas.

It is necessary to be equipped with highly specialised vehicles for shredding, pruning and mowing along roadsides, with precise movements and compact dimensions so as not to obstruct the roadway too much.
Our offer of professional agricultural machinery for public green and road maintenance is very wide and adapts to various customer needs with over 30 models available and various applications and options.


The hydraulic arm brush cutter is the agricultural tool used for road maintenance to cut grass, shrubs and small branches on road embankments. When you need to work on slopes and difficult terrain, reach mowers are the most efficient and safe solution. Our offer includes a range of 16 reach mowers in various extensions, sizes and power to fit more or less powerful tractors.

For professional road maintenance, Rinieri has developed BRL, BRT or BR-VISION model reach mowers with a horizontal reach of 490 to 660 cm, a 100/120 cm shredder head capable of shredding grass and small shrubs of 2 cm in diameter. They are telescopic models suitable for cleaning and managing roadside verges, ditches or embankments or with an advanced arm in relation to the tractor (BR-VISION). They require tractors of 80/100 Hp or more and a weight of at least 3500 kg to avoid tipping when the reach is fully open.

The BR-VIGNA model is an overhead reach mower equipped with 3 telescopic arms capable of crossing hedges, fences or walls with heights up to 220/250 cm and widths of 50/60 cm.


The offer of equipments for cleaning and maintenance of roadside verges and green areas is completed with hedge cutter and pruning arms, equipped with disc or toothed bars. These are professional agricultural machines suitable for tractors or front loaders that provide cutting power up to 6 cm in diameter, while ensuring great precision and safety.

The disc hedge trimmer models are the BRM-X for pruning up to 6 cm in diameter, while for pruning up to 15 cm in diameter we have the lopper arm model BRP-X , as well as the TD disc cutter bar that can be fitted to the BRT or BRL reach mowers. Machines with tooth cutter bars are the BRM (lighter) or BRP (higher performance) models or the BTX bar applicable to the BRT or BRL reach mowers.


For public green management and maintenance work, shredders are irreplaceable machines for controlling weeds and cutting shrubs even in difficult conditions such as sloping road edges, ditches or embankments.
Rinieri produces more than 20 models of shredders of different types, sizes and cutting capacities to suit all the characteristics and types of work required, such as:

  • verge mowers with an arm and side-shift to be used for mowing and mulching in ditches, embankments, roadsides or for cleaning under tree branches (TRS, TRSM models);
  • flail mowers or grass shredders (RAS and TRD models) are suitable for maintaining gardens and parks, and are much lighter models that are mounted on small tractors. The lightness and flexibility of these machines allows them to leave the ground clean and level. The TRM-R model is a shredder with a collection system for the cut material, ideal for those who do not want to leave the grass on the ground;
  • heavy or forestry shredders for clearing and chopping branches in parks or forests up to 15 cm of diameter (TRP, TRX, TRK models).

Our agricultural machines are the result of over 100 years of passion, research, study, innovation and experience in the agricultural sector. With an eye to the future to meet the needs and requirements of an increasingly modern agriculture and projected towards a more ecological and sustainable approach.

Our customers can choose from an extensive catalogue of machinery and equipment for cleaning and maintenance of public green areas.