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In Rinieri, we produce an extensive range of orchards equipments for pruning fruit trees and managing the terrain: machinery for the mechanical pruning of various fruit trees, shredding of pruning waste, inter-row soil cultivation, weed control, grass mowing and mechanical inter-row weeding.

Our farm equipment for pruning is built to be the best solution for all fruit tree cultivation requirements. We offer a series of machinery designed and manufactured for all the various existing layouts, for traditional tree planting or intensive espalier orchards and all different types of fruit trees, such as apples, peaches, cherries, pomegranates and for citrus, olive, and hazelnut groves as well as truffle plantations.

We also manufacture pruning machines for small fruit, such as blueberries, raspberries, chokeberries, as well as for medicinal herbs and in snail farming.


Rinieri’s agricultural equipment is machinery designed to create an agricultural model that increasingly reduces the environmental impact and management costs, geared towards environmentally friendly working methods typical of organic farming.

In every season and all conditions, Rinieri’s machinery helps you to manage and care for the orchard, with tailored solutions for both small-scale and professional set-ups for major contractors.


Our range of equipments for pruning orchards and trees are divided into 4 sections:

  • skirting pruners or low pruners, with disc or toothed cutting bars, to cut the lower branches that go towards the ground, taking energy away from the plant and getting in the way in the row. The models are the CRB with 'SCH' tooth cutting bar and the CRB-X with disc cutting bar. The pruner can be single or double.
  • pruners for espalier or intensive orchards, with a cutter bar of up to 340 cm to which you can add another upper or lower bar to prune the entire plant. Models with teeth are CRF, CRF 2 (single and double); with discs CRF-X;
  • pruners for traditional tree plantations, we produce 4 models of pruners: with double cutting bar with discs ORP and teeth ORPL, or with single cutting bar with discs ORS or teeth ORSL capable of reaching heights of up to 650 with vertical cutting and 5 metres with horizontal cutting.
  • pruners for berries or small fruits, with discs or knives designed to work in specific plantations, with tunnel or "inverted U" cutting bars to prune both vertically and the top of the plant at the same time. The models with disc bars is the CRV-X, with knives the CRV V1 PLUS and the CRV T1 PLUS, with teeth the CRL V1 PLUS.
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In addition to foliage management, we manufacture different kind of machines for inter-row and under-row soil management for mechanical weeding, cutting the grass, working the land under the trees or in the row of the orchards.

Inter-row soil management involves a big range of different agricultural equipments. Rinieri's inter-row machines, shredders and cultivators allow you to work efficiently and at the same time with low environmental impact.
This means that you can adopt more efficient and environmentally sustainable techniques, such as mechanical weeding as an alternative to chemical weeding, which respects the environment and enriches the biodiversity of the orchard, and low-cut grassing, which limits soil compaction and erosion, tamping and clod removal.


Rinieri's inter-row machines and tool holders respond to different working needs: from soil preparation to weed control, from suckering to vegetable mulching.
Rinieri tool carriers, thanks to the possibility of mounting a range of tools on the frame, allow a series of operations to be carried out, from soil preparation to weed control, from suckering to vegetable mulching.

Among the more than 15 models in the catalogue, you can find the better solution for your orchard: power harrows, rotary tillers, blades, ploughs, sucker removers, mowing wheel, inter-row shredder, finger weeder.
One of the best solution for a fast mechanical inter-row weeding,is the Bio-dynamic multi tools which performs a complete biological weed cleaning process in the orchard thanks to the numerous optional extras. The working unit of the standard Bio-dynamic consists of: the Bio-disc or rollhacke, a toothed disc that breaks up the soil near the plants and the Bio-Star or fingerhacke, a rubber finger weeder star, which work the soil and eliminate weeds near the plants.
Another option you can chose for inter-row weeding in orchard is the Turbo and Turbo Evo tools holders in single and double versions. The models can mount 8 different working heads, equipped with an electro-hydraulic unit on a front or rear mounted frame, and can be used for all working needs between the rows thanks to the different tools that can be mounted and the wide choice of options available: weeder blade, weeding kit with plough and disc, discs, power harrows, mini shredder, suckering header, mower wheels, Bio-Disc rollhacke and Bio-Star fingerhacke.



The shredders are the machines suitable for quick and efficient ground maintenance, they cut grass and shred pruning residues, with the right attention to the environment.
At Rinieri we produce more than 25 models of shredders, from the light models indicated only for grass or shredding small prunings, to the medium and heavy models, more performing solutions suitable for those who also want to shred larger branches.
For your orchard we can suggest the models TRR1 or TRR2, a new concept of more powerful shredder with single or double feeder and pick-up that shred branches up to 10/12 cm in diameter very well, leaving small residues in the soil.


With Rinieri agricultural machines you perform all inter-row tillage and soil management tasks. Tine cultivators and disc harrow allow complete tillage of the soil between plants, with effective penetration even in tenacious and strong soils. While subsoilers allow the soil to be cut, lifted and aerated, breaking up the soles caused by previous tillage and natural compaction.

Our orchards equipments are the result of over 100 years of dedication, research, study, innovation and experience in the farming industry. With an eye to the future to meet the needs and requirements of an increasingly modernised agriculture with a more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach.
Our customers can choose from an extensive catalogue of machinery and tools for orchard maintenance. And you can find the right solution for your professional needs with a choice of customisations and optional extras.