Inter-row machines for vineyard and orchards: guide to choosing the best machinery for your needs
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Agricultural inter-row equipments are essential machinery for soil management in vineyards and orchards. The benefits of in-row tillage with inter-row machinery are multiple, especially for those using organic farming methods and techniques.

The use of the inter-row machine allows for better management of the inter-row space, combining the control of weed development with the advantageous management of their residues which, as they decompose, release nutrients into the soil.

An inter-row machine is useful because it allows at least 4 activities to be carried out: weed control or mechanical weeding, soil preparation, suckering and plant mulching.


Weeds, in fact, pose a threat to the ideal development of fruit plants, as they compete with them and can encourage the development of various pathogens.

Working the vineyard with an in-row machine for weed control and grassing (instead of herbicides and chemicals) is an organic and sustainable choice: it respects the biodiversity that populates the vineyard and, in addition, has positive effects on the size and quality of the fruit due to a greater presence of nutrients.

In order to always achieve optimal results and to best meet the demands of the agricultural world, it is necessary to be versatile and dynamic according to the work that the season requires and there is a need for specific inter-row equipment for the particular context to be managed, which is why there is no one machine that is suitable for all the different inter-row operations.

Therefore, depending on the work to be carried out, but also on the different conformations and characteristics of the soil, an implement designed to give the best results must be used.


At Rinieri we have a wide range of inter-row or in-row machines, that works between the row or between the trees, covering all the needs of operations to be carried out on every type of plant and soil.

From the first in-row equipment to shredders and cultivators performing inter-row tillage, our offer has grown and improved constantly. And today, with more than half a century of experience, we are on the market with more than 30 different models that meet any inter-row tillage requirement.

To understand which inter-row machine is best for your situation there are a few variables to consider between the type of tillage and soil characteristics.


There are all agricultural equipments that work only the under-row portion of the soil, close to the stump or trunk of the plant. We can divide in-row tillage into at least 4 categories:


1 - The use of under-row or in-row soil mixing equipment has multiple objectives: mechanical weed control, burying fertilisers and organic residues, breaking up the soil to facilitate the storage of water and other substances, and stimulating the vine's vegetative-productive activity. The beneficial action of tillage makes it possible to reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals for weed control, with a view to a more ecological and sustainable approach. At Rinieri, we manufacture various inter-row equipment to perform under-row soil mixing work:

  • rotary tiller with front or rear mount of FS or FS-A tractor
  • power harrow at the front or rear of the EL, ELX or EL-A tractor
  • single or double motorised disc weeder mounted on Turbo Evo or Twin Turbo Evo tool carrier
  • finger weeder mounted on single or double Bio-dynamic tool carrier
  • single or double plough mounted on Turbo or Twin Turbo tool carrier
  • single or double PRT roto tiller mounted on Turbo Evo or Twin Turbo Evo tool carrier

2 - The use of a weeder or hoeing blade allows the soil to be cut a few cm below the soil surface in order to aerate and reduce soil compaction, while at the same time cutting and uprooting weed shoots directly from the roots. For successful weeding, it is important to have a couple of dry days after using the machine to dry out the roots. The weeder blade is mounted with a furrow opening disc on the Turbo or Twin Turbo tool carrier models or the more complete Turbo EVO

3 - Cutting the inter-row grass must be done regularly during the hottest season, and it is best to proceed when it has developed about 15-20 cm, to prevent the weeds from becoming predominant and growing out of control, taking nutrients away from the vineyard or orchard. We can use different types of mechanical weeding machines and working heads:

  • RSI mower wheel mounted on Bio-dynamic tool holders
  • SRV - SRC - SRL sucker remover mounted on Bio-dynamic tool holders
  • FT inter-row shredder
  • mini inter-row mower on Turbo Evo tool carrier
  • RSC rotary mower on Tzurbo Evo tool holder

4 - Suckering has a dual function: to remove suckers or young shoots at the base of the stem of vines or fruit plants, and to pull out and cut weeds growing near the plants. The action is carried out by rubber or PVC whips or band flails depending on the model of header required according to the volume of grass and type of plant. Its use is particularly suitable in all those situations where organic, but also conventional agriculture is carried out, reducing the use of chemicals.
The header is equipped with a spring that allows the plants to pass through by closing slightly. Our sucker remover heads can be mounted on a Bio-dyamic tool frame and are divided into 3 models: SRC compact sucker remover for suspended irrigation systems, SRV conventional sucker, SRL long wire sucker.

Other agricultural machines that combine in-row or under-row and inter-row work of our own manufacture are:

  • ep power harrow cultivator
  • cm tine cultivator with two electro-hydraulic Turbo units for in-row cultivation with furrow blade or plough


Among the machines that perform inter-row working in vineyards or orchards we can divide into 3 different types of work:

  • inter-row grass cutting or pruning branches and shoots with flail mowers or shredders TRD, TRU, TRL, TRR1
  • soil mixing with FRM toothed disc cultivators or CM tine cultivators
  • soil aeration with an ARP subsoiler