Gardening, care and maintenance of green spaces
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At Rinieri we offer a wide range of agricultural machinery for the care and management of green areas: mowers and shredders for mowing and grass collection, pruners for trees and hedges, hedge cutter bars and branch cutters, and brush cutter arms for cleaning roads, ditches and sloping edges.

Our equipment is suitable for all types of users: from the private user with small 20/30Hp tractors to the professional or contractor requiring very powerful and durable machinery for high-performance tractors.

Our offer of specific machinery for gardening and private green maintenance operations consists of flail mowers and shredders for cutting and collecting grass, as well as hedge cutters and small reach mowers.



Flail mowers and shredders are the perfect machines for fast and effective green maintenance. This is done mechanically on grass and shrubs, with a focus on environmental sustainability. Among the various models of shredders produced by Rinieri, we recommend the various mowers and shredders for gardens, also with collection tank, which combine excellent cutting performance and high working speed. Specific models for grass cutting only ideal for gardening and park maintenance are:

RAS, TRD, TRM-R (with collection tank) different models are available, starting from 100 / 130 cm for small 20 Hp tractors up to 200 / 250 cm models for 60/80 Hp tractors.

Other models of shredder more suitable for cleaning and shredding undergrowth, shrubs and branches are the TRX and TRK models developed as forestry shredders and suitable for shredding branches up to 10/15 cm in diameter.


For hedge management and maintenance work and for cutting overhanging branches, you can rely on our Hedge Trimmer and heavy Pruning Lopper Booms. Machines that are easy to use, very precise, manoeuvrable and capable of any cutting geometry. Rinieri's range of heavy pruning loppers and hedge trimmers includes various models, available with tooth, disc and mowers deck (knife cutting bars). We can divide our equipments into three main famiglie:

  • the BRE - HEDGE TRIMMERS range for miniloaders or front loaders
  • the BRP – HEAVY PRUNING LOPPERS range for loaders and telescopic booms;
  • the BRM – HEDGE TRIMMERS range for small tractors.

In this way we are able to satisfy the different needs by ensuring a cutting capacity ranging from 2 cm up to 6 cm in diameter and a flexible use according to the needs of each customer.



Within its range, Rinieri offers rear-mounted reach mowers for mowing grass and shrub vegetation on roadsides, banks, ditches and steeply sloping terrain. The main features of the brush cutter arms are practicality, safety and durability. The various models available are suitable for all different needs: from the private user with small tractors, to the road maintenance contractor who needs more powerful arms.

Seven different models of arm mowers are available, starting with the BRF small arm, perfect for garden maintenance and small green areas, which requires a tractor weighing between 600 and 900 kg and has a 50/60/80 cm cutting head and a horizontal reach of up to 350 cm.

For more professional use, Rinieri has developed the BRT or BR-VISION reach mowers arms with a horizontal reach of 490 to 660 cm and a 100/120 cm flail head, which requires a tractor weighing between 3000 and 5000 kg . They are telescopic models with an advanced arm compared to the tractor.

Our customers can choose from an extensive catalogue of machinery and equipment for the maintenance and cleaning of private and public green areas. This allows you to find the right solution for your needs.
Our agricultural machines are the result of more than 100 years of passion, research, study, innovation and experience in the agricultural sector. With an eye to the future to respond to the needs and requirements of an increasingly modern agriculture and projected towards a more ecological and sustainable approach.