How to choose a rotary mower or a shredder


  1. What is a shredder ?
  2. What is the purpose of a shredder ?
  3. Types of mowers and shredders according to their use
  4. Shredder options
  5. Maintenance of agricultural shredders
    • Maintenance tips

1- Agricultural shredders are motorized mechanical, agricultural equipment. They are indispensable tools, used by all farmers, amateurs or professionals, to eliminate weeds, unwanted vegetation (branches, vine shoots, brambles), shrubs, olive branches and fruit trees. There are all types, each with its own use.


2- Whatever the model chosen by the farmer, professional or amateur, the shredder has the function of cutting and shredding vegetation on large surfaces. It saves a lot of time thanks to its efficiency on the cleaning and maintenance of fields, vineyards or farmers' vegetation.

This agricultural equipment, attached to the front or rear of the tractor, acts mechanically to cut and shred unwanted vegetation.

Moreover, at Rinieri we pay particular attention to the respect of the environment. That's why our machines, especially the agricultural shredders, act on the farmers' soils, respecting and considering the sustainable development. The residues shredded by the machine are a useful and beneficial fertilizer for the health of plants, land and agricultural soil.


3- Rinieri offers several models of shredders, depending on the weight, size and use you will make of them.


These machines are ideal for a quick and efficient ecological maintenance of the ground. The mowers can be used to mow the grass in vineyards, parks, gardens and fruit trees. Compared to shredders, mowers are lighter and operate with horizontally rotating blades.

  • The RAS rotary mower, with fixed blades and front wheels and back rollers adjustable in height. The belt transmission makes the machine very low.
  • The RAS rotary mower, with connection for sprayer, with fixed blades.


There are many different models to choose from depending on your needs. The choice of a shredder is dictated primarily by the volume and type of land to be treated, ease of use, as well as other criteria to be taken into account at the time of purchase.

The shredder cuts and destroys the vegetation thanks to the knives or the rotating hammers of vertical axis, depending on the model chosen. The vegetation will be chopped up by its sharpness and its high speed of rotation. They are mounted in fixed rows offset from each other, on a rotating shaft called a "rotor".

Finally, shredder knives are lighter and more sensitive to impacts and are damaded more quickly than hammers, which are designed to shred much bigger vegetation.


The shredders have 2 main characteristics : WEIGHT / POWER OF THE TRACTOR USED



Cutting diameter

Tractor power

Type of use

Light shredders : TRD, TRF, TRM-R, TRF-D

2 cm, 5 cm

15/20/30 HP

Low grass, little branches of fruit trees, vine shoots, corn harvest

Medium shredders : TRU, TRU-D, TRC 150-240, TRL, TRL-B;

6 cm, 8 cm

30/45/50 HP

Medium grass, vine shoots, medium branches of fruit trees

Heavy shredders : TRP, TRR1, TRR2.

10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm

50 HP and more

Branches, trees forest, undergrowth

Verge shredder : This equipment is designed for shredding plants along fields, waterways and roads. This model can be inclined up to 90° upwards for fast and precise hedge cutting, or downwards to cut roadside ditches and fields. This type of shredder is mainly used by farmers and professionals of maintenance of public green spaces. At Rinieri,, we produce 4 different models : TRS, TRS-E, TRSM, TRSM-E.

Forestry shredder : This very robust machine is dedicated to forestry work. It is designed to shred all types of wood, shrubs, plant residues, undergrowth and trunks with diameters of up to 15 cm. Moreover, depending on the model chosen, the forestry shredder can be fixed or mobile (lateral movement) attached behind the tractor. At Rinieri, we produce 2 different models : TRX, TRK.

Front and Rear shredders : This equipment allows the farmer to attach the shredder to the front or rear of the tractor, depending on the use he makes of it. This function ensures a better working comfort and a better visibility when it is fixed at the front.

In addition, this functionality allows the farmer to save a considerable time, because by using the reversible shredder, he can attach a second machine to the tractor, and perform work simultaneously. Finally, the front shredder allows the farmer to avoid damaging his tractor when thickly piling up branches. At Rinieri, we produce 7 different models : TRF-D, TRU, TRU-D, TRC 250-300, T-RAPTOR, TRR1, TRR2.

Orchard shredder : This equipment is designed for trees maintenance. The orchard shredder allows to shred inter-rows branches of fruit trees (intensive plantations of apples, peaches, cherries, pomegranates, and for plantations of citrus, olive hazelnut and truffle), in a single pass.

4- Shredder options à Farmers have the option of adding single or double mower wheels, as well as single or double sucker remover, attached to the shredder frame  at the rear of the tractor.

At the same time, these tools allow both inter-row work by cutting the grass under the vine plants or fruit trees, and at the same time shredding between the rows.

5- Like all motorized equipment, the agricultural shredder requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, efficiently and effectively over time. Properly maintaining your shredder will increase the profitability of your investment and your farming operation. It is composed of various mechanical elements: blades, knives, belt pieces, transmission elements, hydraulic parts.

However, despite the high quality materials used in the production of these pieces, the shredder's mechanical system is subject to various shocks during use. It is essential to regularly check the proper functioning of each part to avoid frequent or early pieces changes.


Tips :

  • Before and after each use : check the general condition of the machine, especially the parts and elements directly related to shredding ; make sure that screws and bolts are tight.
  • Clean and remove any plant fragments or materials that may be stuck in the machine.
  • Regularly check the condition of the transmission shafts and belts, and change them if necessary.
  • Grease the mechanical elements regularly. This will ensure optimal use of the equipment and less wear.

Thanks to these tips, Rinieri shredders provide you with greater resistance and solidity in all points. By using Rinieri shredder, you will choose the most powerful and resistant equipment.