Flower thinning, a choice for the environment

Floral Thinner, an Ideal Choice for Organic Farming

Respect for Human, Animal, and Plant Well-being

With over 2 million hectares of organic cultivations, Italy remains the leading country in Europe for agricultural land dedicated to organic farming. Organic farming is a cultivation and breeding method that values and preserves productive biological systems without the use of synthetic chemicals, thus safeguarding health, climate, consumers, and farmers themselves.

This method has been growing steadily in recent years. Italy is the European Union country with the largest area dedicated to organic farming: just under 2.2 million hectares in 2021, accounting for 17.5% of total agricultural land, well above the European average (9%). With these numbers, Italy is on track to achieve the Farm to Fork strategy's goal of reaching 25% of land dedicated to organic farming by 2030.

Rinieri has always invested in green choices with the production of machinery for mechanical weeding that respects crops and seasonal cycles. Now, together Agroxx, with the mechanical floral thinner FLORIX, we have decided to approach the organic world even more closely, which will be our future.

The patented FLORIX machinery is the perfect choice for organic farming because, by performing a mechanical action, it allows for the replacement of other thinning methods, such as chemical thinning, which is already widely used. In addition to this advantage, it offers the gradualness and immediate visibility of the work being done. Finally, mechanical thinning is not compromised by weather conditions, unlike chemical products.

Choosing FLORIX means choosing organic farming, respecting human, animal, and plant well-being.