agricultural machinery for tilling the soil
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Interceppo Cultivator, disc harrow

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Interceppo Subsoil areator

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Interceppo Fertilizer-burying plough

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Interceppo Shredder for fields

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At Rinieri we offer different types of agricultural machinery for working the soil in vineyards and orchards: machinery that adapts to various types of terrain and surfaces.

Our range of agricultural machinery for working the soil includes: disc harrow, anchor or tine cultivators, aerators or subsoilers, and fertilizer burying spreader.

These tools are mainly used for inter-row cultivation in vineyards or orchards to keep the rows clean of herbs and weeds, aerate the soil and encourage the rooting of plants and the formation of deep water reserves


Tine or anchor cultivators (CM) or toothed disc cultivators (FRM) ideal for quick and effective tillage in the soil between the rows. Thanks to the special anti-shock spring-loaded supports called "Stone-Jumpers" of the cultivator units, they are able to effectively penetrate even the toughest and strongest soils, and in the presence of stones.

The cultivator frames can be manual or hydraulic variable-width. Four models with anchors and five cultivator models with discs are available, with the possibility of fitting a rear roller for grass cutting and soil levelling.


Disc Harrows

Mounted disc cultivators, model FRP, can work all types of soil in depth, with effective penetration even in the toughest and most compact soils, levelling the soil.

They are very robust implements and are also designed to mount anchor grubbers in place of the rear discs for even deeper soil working.


Subsoilers (ARP model) that cut and lift the soil to perform a soil aeration action, breaking up the soles caused by previous tillage and natural compaction. The machine consists of a steel frame and two "Michel " curved profile anchors (height 600 mm, equipped with safety bolt and adjustable in width).

The use of an aerator favours plant rooting and the formation of water reserves in depth, preventing stagnation and erosion.



Spreader tank for burying palletised and granular fertilisers (model IC) are used to inject nutrient material into the rows of vines and orchards directly into the soil at a depth of 15-20 cm. As the granular fertiliser penetrates the underlying soil layers, it will not deteriorate due to external influences.

The IC models are built in two versions, with different numbers of burying anchors (1 or 2) and hopper capacity (250 to 500 L). A range of optional extras is also available for any requirement, such as a stainless steel hopper, hydraulic opening control, front disc and rear roller to avoid damaging the turf.