Side sucker remover head with simple mount frame, hydraulic side shifting and shockproof articulation with gas spring. The shaft is in alluminium and the screws are in steel to avoid vibrations. The side-shoot remover whips and the special shaft, with a rapid coupling system, can be changed very quickly. The side-shoot remover head can be asse mbled either on pruning machine frames, or on Velox in and out units, or on shredders. The axial rotation of the shaft allows the head to be used also to control weeds. This tool can be applied to any frame VISION, TOWER 1 and 2. The whips available are three: round soft polymer ideal for young vineyards, square yellow / orange hard aggressive with the grass and  large strips very aggressive with the weeds.

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Data sheet

MOD minimum width row maximum width row Weight
SRV 150 220 350 130 - 178 135 30 60